Bitcoin Tipping on Twitter?! | This Week in Crypto – Sep 6, 2021

Bitcoin Tipping on Twitter?! | This Week in Crypto – Sep 6, 2021

Bitcoin Tipping on Twitter?! | This Week in Crypto – Sep 6, 2021

Bitcoin tipping on Twitter may soon be available, Coinbase issues free BTC for those who were NOT hacked and are men more invested in crypto than women? These stories and more this week in crypto.

Twitter may also be moving in a more bitcoin-focused direction as rumors swirled they will be adding the ability to tip users in bitcoin through its new “Tip Jar” service. Leaked data of the beta code suggests that Twitter will be integrating bitcoin transfers via the Lightning Network with assistance from Strike.

Popular crypto exchange Coinbase suffered an issue with its notification system that caused 125,000 customers to receive emails or texts saying that their two-factor authentication data had been compromised. Coinbase has since taken to social media to explain the blunder and is rewarding all message-receiving customers with approximately $100 in BTC.

In El Salvador many anti-crypto residents have taken to the streets to make their voices heard. Throughout the nation’s capital of San Salvador, people were holding up signs blasting bitcoin’s volatility and its connections to illicit monetary behavior. The anti-bitcoin protests appeared to be part of a broader mobilization by pensioners demanding higher payouts.

The American division of popular crypto exchange, FTX will soon begin offering crypto derivatives to its customers. The trading platform has purchased the parent company of LedgerX LLC and is set to provide new products such as crypto futures and options for those looking for exposure to digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The US financial regulator, the SEC has pressed charges against one of the most controversial cryptocurrency projects – BitConnect. The regulator alleges that they’ve swiped more than $2 billion from retail investors by conducting an unregistered offering of digital assets until several US state agencies issued cease and desist orders at the end of 2017 and eventually shut it down.

Decentralized crypto lending platform Cream Finance has suffered a hack that saw $34 million in crypto funds vanish overnight. The company has taken full responsibility for the event, claiming that there was an error that opened the door for the hacker to engage in the theft. Cream has assured all affected users will have their funds replaced.

Finance giant Visa has purchased its first non-fungible token (NFT) for approximately $150,000. The NFT—designed by digital artist CryptoPunk—is stored on the Ethereum blockchain and is custodied by Anchorage Digital, the first U.S. bank to house such an asset. Visa said this is the first of what will likely be a series of ongoing NFT purchases.

Crypto fans who also enjoy Dallas Mavericks games and spend more than $150 in crypto on team-related merchandise will be provided with a $25 e-gift card. The giveaway, dubbed “Mavs Cryptomania,” is the latest move from the NBA team to promote cryptocurrencies after earlier this year, the team added dogecoin as a payment method.

A study conducted by CNBC and Momentive suggests women are not taking part in the crypto space enough. According to the study, about 16 percent of men are invested in digital assets. This is more than double the number of women involved in crypto, which stands at around only 7 percent.

That’s what’s happened this week in crypto, see you next week.