Fantom Foundation Retorts Andre Cronje’s Publicized Exit from Crypto

The Fantom Foundation has issued a statement to address what it termed as “factual inaccuracies” from Rekt regarding the exit of superstar developers Andre Cronje and Anton Nell from the decentralized finance and crypto ecosystem as a whole.

While the foundation affirmed that Cronje would be leaving the space as noted, it is not out of spite, and the developer has stated to confirm this.

“Although I’ve made the decision to move away from crypto and DeFi, the Fantom team has been nothing but honourable throughout my engagement with them. I believe they are on the right technology path, and I have no doubts that they will continue to succeed,” Andre Cronje said in the statement.

According to the Fantom Foundation, the claim that Cronje will be exiting up to 25 projects upon his exit is false and literally not possible, rather, it said many of the projects with affiliations to Cronje will be handed over their core development teams that will take over. 

The statement issued highlighted the role of Cronje as basically an advisor to the Fantom Foundation. It was responsible for setting up the core developers that have helped build the Fantom blockchain. This advisor role appears to be the same for Cronje’s across different protocols.

Andre Cronje has been rumoured to be taking an exit from the DeFi ecosystem for quite some time, and while the rumors get stronger, he has often resurfaced to back a project or two. While the talk about Cronje’s exit appears more pronounced at this time, the Fantom Foundation is confident that the protocol is not dependent on just one individual as it is more or less a product of a confluence of developers.

The foundation said it will be hiring a new set of engineers or staff that will help cushion every effect of the exit of both Cronje and Anton from the team.

Image source: Shutterstock