Senator Lummis: Voting on Infrastructure Bill Amendments Will Be a Win for the Digital Asset Community

Last week saw a great amount of vocal power from the digital currency ecosystem per the controversy that rocked the Infrastructure Bill and how it affects the crypto community. The bill is primarily an effort by the Biden Administration to rebuild the country’s weakening infrastructural facilities, and the plan is to use taxpayer’s money.

The original bill wants crypto brokers with the wide inclusion of Proof-of-Work (PoW) miners and other stakeholders to report crypto transactions. Individual crypto users are also required to do the same for transactions of $10,000 and above. These propositions have been tagged as a license to choke the crypto ecosystem. Complying with these regulations for established exchanges like Coinbase and Kraken is easy. However, the community posits that miners do not even know the customers they validate transactions for. Filing any tax report will not just be unrealistic. It will be impossible.

Lawmakers have had two different amendments to the bill, with the Wyden/Toomey/Lummis proposal more geared to the broader community’s interests. However, this amendment is opposed by key government figures, including Treasury Sec Janet Yellen and some White House officials. According to Senator Cynthia Lummis, the stalemate amongst the Senators is fueling a move by Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to prevent the 30-hour rule.

Under the provisions of the rules explained by Sen Lummis, lawmakers have to debate a proposal for 30 hours before voting on it. Sen Schummer wants a hasty vote on Tuesday as the deliberations have not exceeded the stipulated time frame.

“Right now, we need an agreement on allowing amendments, which is being held up because of conflict between senators over the 30-hour rule, which allows the Senate to consider/read/review a bill for up to 30 hours before voting on it,” she wrote on Twitter, “Some senators want to keep focusing on the infrastructure bill for 30 hours to raise awareness about its price tag. Senator Schumer wants to quickly vote to focus on other legislation and won’t allow amendment votes unless that happens.”

Both the amendments from the Wyden led group, and the Portman led group are under threat. Per Senator Lummis submission, a vote on any amendments, with major emphasis on the Wyden option, would make the digital currency community pleased with the outcome.

Image source: Wiki