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HolyTransaction, a universal cryptocurrency wallet platform, recently announced that has added support for swapping bitcoin (BTC) on the Lightning Network, consequently, introducing the ability to deposit and withdraw utilizing the Lightning Network. Other than faster speed and lower fees, users will notice a new format of address called invoice when they send or receive bitcoin via the Lightning Network.

Lightning Network brings three essential benefits to HolyTransaction:

  • Instant Payments: With the use of smart contracts, security is greatly elevated, and since the stack is built on top of the Bitcoin network, no transaction confirmations are required.
  • Scalability: The upscale in transactions per second surpasses any legacy payment rail on the market today. Further, payment ‘with click’ becomes a reality as the need for financial custodians is eliminated.
  • Lower Cost: Because Lightning Network does not interact directly with legacy Bitcoin infrastructure itself, the Lightning Network enables near-instant transactions with extremely low fees.

“Adopting Lightning Network will make HolyTransaction more attractive for users who wish to send transactions with added security at a much lower cost and super fast speed. HolyTransaction is happy to report that Lightning Network has been integrated for both desktop and mobile application versions.”
– The HolyTransaction Team

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